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An insurance waiver isn’t an uncommon term. Many people know this well. They also look for free insurance quotes with it. What is it exactly? An insurance waiver is a form signed by individuals when they have been offered a particular type of insurance and have decided to drop it. Some educational institutions also use an insurance waiver form sometimes. For instance, students need to enroll in health insurance required by the institutions. For those who have already had the coverage don’t need to get a new health insurance plan, though. Sometimes students need to drop the vision or dental part of the health insurance plan. In this case, they need to fill an insurance waiver form that only includes the insurance programs they don’t even need. There are many types of insurance waivers, actually. Here are for the examples.

Medical Insurance Waiver

 Some people consider medical and health insurance as the same thing. These are different products, in fact. Medical insurance is a kind of health insurance. It only covers treatment and hospitalization towards pre-specified health problems and accident. The coverage is also limited. On the other hand, health insurance has a broader coverage. People will get thorough health cover against various hospitalization expenses. It also covers ambulance charges and other expenses.

If they want to sign a medical insurance waiver, they should pick the coverage that they need to decline. The options are limited. They should really learn more about it as medical insurance waiver is quite different than health insurance. To put it simply, medical insurance waiver isn’t as flexible as health insurance one. Still, medical insurance waiver is compulsory for some reasons. Many people still use it these days. It is a good choice for people who live alone or single.

Health Insurance Waiver 

It’s also called sickness insurance waiver. This type of insurance is compulsory for those who need coverage against various treatments and hospitalization expenses. When someone signs a health insurance waiver, he may remove a particular coverage for some reasons. How can people get this form? They can simply contact their private health insurance provider. This is the basic requirement to confirm their coverage. The question is why they may need a waiver.

It’s quite recommended to submit a waiver once a year. It’s because the insurance coverage may change over time. That’s why health insurance companies often ask for client’s insurance information annually. Current coverage and insurance information are important to them. The aim is to retain the health insurance services. It’s true all people should get covered by health insurance. However, some of them may fill the waiver health insurance in order to eradicate some coverage that they don’t need.

 Life Insurance Waiver

 It is true that life insurance is an important coverage. People shouldn’t ignore it. A waiver is signed when they want to drop several protections, though. There’s also premium life insurance waiver. That means the insurance provider will pay the insurance premiums when people are disabled. It usually takes much time up to 6 months. Most of the life insurance providers include premium waiver as an inseparable feature. They may charge more based on their policies.

Who are eligible for life insurance contract? People should provide information from the expert that proves their problems. The definition of problems may differ from one to each other. Some illnesses will also be removed from the insurance policies. That’s why people should really be careful to read the form before signing. This is to ensure what the coverage they may get. The life insurance will remain waived until clients don’t qualify for the assistance. That means people should have the qualification to get a life insurance waiver and health insurance waiver.

Travel Insurance Waiver 

Things happen during a travel or vacation. Travel insurance prevents someone from spending lots of money to cover those incidents. It’s a complete protection against possible money losses due to many cases such as sudden trip annulment, supplier default, death, sickness, accident, medical expenses, baggage loss, and others.

What about travel insurance waiver? Well, this is quite important as well. People should sign this form if they want to reduce some parts of the coverage. The insurers won’t cover those types of incidents. People have different reasons why they need travel insurance waiver. The coverage may vary from an insurer to each other. That’s why they only want to take some protections that they really need.

Insurance Waiver Form for Sports 

Is getting an insurance waiver for sports participation is meaningful? By signing the waiver, people have already recognized the risk of joining such sports. This may release the responsibility for the 3rd party to cover the risks and injuries. Some people don’t want to get a waiver, though. The negligence of parents is also useless when it is about sports insurance waiver. There are many risky sports out there. Without knowing the risk, the clients are likely getting injured from it. This may cause liabilities to the insurers. Even kids need guidance and protections during sports activity. The insurance waiver form for sports is quite imperative.  

Is Premium Waiver in your Insurance Policies Helpful?

 Some people are confused when they find premium waiver in their life insurance policies. They consider it useful as the premium amount is quite small. Premium waiver can be useful in some situations. What is premium waiver exactly? It’s a contract or form that waives the clients’ responsibility to pay for upcoming premium. This exists in the insurance policies. The clients don’t need to pay for the next premiums as they drop a part of the policy. What is the prime reason to get a waiver of premium? The premium is low. It’s lower when compared to the actual price.

 Better Health Insurance with ObamaCare Waiver for State Innovation

 What can be waived with this program actually? States will adjust the procedures governing covered subsidies and benefits that people can get from the marketplaces. They will reallocate cost-sharing reductions and premium tax credits.  There will be the individual mandate. That means the states will eliminate or modify the qualification that individuals retain minimum coverage. There’s also the employer mandate. States may alter or remove the qualification that employers offer cheap coverage to their employees. This may help citizens to get a better insurance to cover their health issues. It also reduces the insurance premiums.

What do you Need Travel Insurance for?

Travel insurance is one of the most important things that you should have when you are travelling overseas. Of course, there are several reasons why one needs travel insurance. In getting to know what you need travel insurance for, some of the key questions related to travel insurance will be asked. The answers to these questions will ultimately reveal why you need to have travel insurance.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

The first and probably one of the most important questions that needs to be answered in relation to travel insurance is pertaining to what exactly travel insurance cover. Here below is a list of what you should expect to be covered by single trip travel insurance cover.

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Did you know that one in every three claims on travel insurance is for medical treatment? With this in mind, you should know the importance of medical travel insurance. Once you are covered, you can be treated in the country you are visiting without having to bear the high cost of medication.
  • Personal Liability: In case you are sued for damaging property or causing injury, travel insurance will cover your personal liability.
  • Lost or Stolen Bags: With business travel insurance, you can have your bags well covered. In case you lose your bag, you will be compensated for its value and thus you would not have suffered total loss.
  • Cost of Cancelling your Trip: For whichever reason, you may choose to cancel your trip. Travel cancellation insurance reimburses to you all the pre-paid, non-refundable expenses just in case you decide to cancel your trip before you depart.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Travel insurance ensures that you always have a ‘lifeline’ to call just in case there is an emergency while you are abroad. This service will help you to get quick assistance on any issue, more especially medical issues.

Does Travel Insurance Cover for your Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not considered to be a medical condition. But at times there could be medical complications resulting from pregnancy. While traveling, it is important to have medical travel insurance. Travel insurance will cover for your pregnancy and you will not have to worry about paying for any complications resulting from your pregnancy.

Furthermore, you will be given tips on how to handle your pregnancy while travelling abroad.

What does Flight Insurance Cover?

If you are travelling abroad, you need to get flight insurance cover. The need to get this kind of cover is mainly out of the benefits that you will get. Here below is a list of what flight insurance covers:

  • Enhanced medical expense coverage
  • Trip cancellation due to work reasons or involuntary loss of job
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Health services
  • Lost/stolen bag


When do you need a Travel Insurance Waiver?

When you have a pre-existing condition, you should not be worried about getting travel insurance with your condition. Travel insurance waiver is usually given to people with pre-existing conditions so long as the following 3 conditions are met:

  1. If you purchase the policy within a specified time frame. The time frame is usually set as the time when you are purchasing the travel insurance with your first trip deposit. The policy can extend the time a bit longer.
  2. All the pre-paid, non-refundable trip payments equal to the amount of coverage purchased.
  • If you are medically able to travel at the time when purchasing your travel insurance policy.


From above, it is very clear that you need a travel insurance whenever travelling abroad. If you know that you are going for a holiday and will stay for more than 31 days touring different destinations, then you should opt for backpacker travel insurance rather than the single trip travel insurance policy which will limit you to only one destination. Otherwise, it is clear that there are more than enough reasons for all types of travelers to have travel insurance.

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