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Personal injury claim is a process in which one party asked for financial compensation from another party due which the first party go through personal injury which could be physical injury, psychological injury or any illness which causes due to the mistake or fault of second party. PersonalĀ  injury insurance and personal injury settlements is not very common in most of the countries. Even the majority of countries including first world countries does not have any personal injury law. But if you are living in USA or UK, then you must aware about personal injury insurance definition which I have explained above because you can actually recover financial compensation which causes due to the mistake of other person.

Types of Personal Injury:

There are several types of personal injury which can be vary country to country. Even in USA, the personal injury law are different in each state. Knowing about the types of personal injury is very important because the personal injury claim somehow depends on it. Every personal injury has different claim where the time limitation of each case also depends on the type of personal injury. While there are many types of personal injury but some of popular types includes:

1 – Traffic accidents: Which causes by the mistake of other party and claiming party suffered from a personal injury due to their fault. In traffic accidents, the bikes accident has different time limitation as compare to car related accidents.

2 – Accidents at work: Accidents occurred at employers place also includes in personal injury claim where many factors has been investigated like safety or workers etc before the person go for personal injury settlements with employer.

3 – House Tripping Accidents: Which is also known as slip and fall. In this situation the accident happened due to the negligent of the house owner. For example the banana on the floor could cause serious injuries if the person fall on the floor

4 – Product liability: Although this does not sound like personal injury type but still it has been recognized under personal injury law. IN this, the customer illness causes due to the product manufacturer’s process or quality of product. Even a person who got illness after eating food at restaurant could be classified in this category.

Time limitation – 3 Year Limitation of Claim:

Generally the time limitation for personal injury claim is three years. If the person failed to file for this claim within 3 year limitation, then he lose the right to get financial compensation of personal injury accident. The rule is same in UK and USA but in some state the time limitation for personal injury lies between three years to 6 years but generally it has been classifies as 3 year limitation of claim.

The time for 3 year limitation of claim starts from the day when the accident happened. But rule does not apply on those who are under 18. Their time for personal injury starts when they turn 18.

Personal injury settlement calculator:

Personal injury settlement calculator is used to calculate that how much financial compensation you should expect to get against your personal injury claim where personal injury settlement calculator also help the other party to calculate the amount which they or their insurance company need to pay to the injured party.

Personal Injury Liability Insurance

Personal injuries are those injuries which are caused by other person. Personal injuries could be mentally, physically and other types of illness which could be occur at home, on road, at work and even at restaurant due to eating unhealthy food etc. The person who effected by the mistake of other person, always want personal injury claim to pay his medical, hospital and even funeral expenses in extreme cases. But what about the other person who has to pay for the claim? The law protect both parties and give equal chances to both to solve the problem.

If a person is accused of causing a personal injury then he can pay it will the help of personal injury liability insurance instead of going to court to proving that he is not responsible of personal injury of the other person and accident could be happened due to both parties mistake or the person’s mistake who is asking for financial compensation etc. But taking help from law is expensive and time taking process while the results are not always positive. You may lose more money.

Personal injury liability insurance is solution for those who want to fight back in court to prove that they are not responsible for the personal injury. It is an insurance policy like any other insurance policy provided by the company which cover the financial settlement in case of personal injury claim and also pay the cost of fighting a case in court related to personal injury.

As the name suggested that personal injury liability insurance looks like an insurance policy for individual but many businesses buy personal injury liability insurance to secure themselves in case of need and pay the insurance coverage which covers lawsuits filed against them. Because personal injury could be occurred at working place as well.

Personal injury liability insurance covers almost all related expensed which includes medical expenses, hospital bill and funeral expenses if insured by the person. Also this insurance cover related expenses like free of layer in case of personal injury law suit, the expenses like to pay compensation for vehicle which has been damaged by the insurer.

To protect themselves from injury liability, many businesses sign personal injury waiver form from their customer in which they write about waiver of responsibility for injury. For example an amusement park may required their visitors to sign personal injury liability waiver form in which it has been written that the park will be not liable for any injuries occurred in park due to dangerous ride.

The personal injury waiver form free available on internet to download including personal injury liability waiver sample which could help you to know that what to write in personal injury waiver form to safe yourself from the claim in case of injury.

By signing personal injury waiver form, the business and individual can protect himself fromĀ  lawsuit. But it does not mean that the insurer have not pay anything to the injured party, but this amount of compensation will be reduced to very low by signing waiver form in advance from the person.

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